Welcome to our practice. We are devoted to achieving the best for our patients and are proud of our reputation, our staff and our offices. Our practice has been built on quality in orthodontics, state of the art technology and prioritising all facets of our patient’s health, wellbeing and to ultimately achieve an excellent orthodontic outcome. Our highly skilled, experienced and friendly team will look after you every step of the way.

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Your 1st visit will consist of an examination, pre-treatment records (photos, x-rays) and discussion of potential orthodontic treatment and options.

This appointment is followed up with a further discussion appointment to explain treatment in detail, time frames, treatment outcomes and costs.


Teeth should last a lifetime if they’re properly aligned and well cared for. Unfortunately dental and jaw abnormalities do often occur. Teeth can be impacted (trapped in the jaw bone), turned, crowded, spaced, or even missing all together. Fortunately most of these problems can be corrected by orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics focuses on straightening teeth and altering bone growth within the mouth. Beneficial to both adults and children alike; orthodontics will correct bite and the positioning of teeth. Orthodontics will dramatically heighten the aesthetic appearance of your smile as well as the structural nature of your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment straightens teeth that are out of place or are growing into the wrong position. Crooked teeth and jaw problems can be corrected by using braces and retainers. Braces exert steady pressure on teeth to gradually realign them over a period of time.


Straight teeth help an individual to effectively bite, chew and speak. Properly aligned teeth and jaws can prevent physical health problems occurring in the future as well as contributing to healthy teeth and gums now.

An attractive smile is also a pleasant “side effect” of orthodontic treatment. A beautiful smile is a wonderful asset. It contributes to self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image-important qualities at every age. A patient’s facial appearance may also improve as orthodontic treatment brings teeth and lips into proportion. In this way, orthodontic treatment can be valuable both professionally and socially, as well as improve a patient’s general attitude toward life.

You may be surprised to learn that straight teeth are less prone to decay, gum disease and injury. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and therefore collect less plaque, reducing your risk of decay and periodontal (gum) disease. As for injuries to teeth, protruding upper teeth are more likely to be broken in an accident. When repositioned and aligned with other teeth, these teeth have a decreased risk of fracture.